Questions for Teenagers

Do you ever wonder why:

  • certain people or situations make you feel energized or inspired while others make you feel drained or disconnected?
  • you have a hard time making decisions?
  • you struggle to understand what it is you actually feel when someone asks “how are you?”
  • you stress about situations in life that seem ‘easy’ for others?
  • you are so concerned with what others think?
  • you can’t seem to tell people what you really want to say?
  • certain words or actions set you off?

Do you ever wonder what you might say if:

  • people would actually listen?
  • you could be brutally honest?
  • you felt your opinion mattered?
  • you were asked the question “what are you passionate about?”
  • someone asked you what you value?

How might life be if:

  • everyone believed in you, including you?
  • you built a community of support?
  • you had the freedom to explore what lights you up?
  • you figured out how to best manage your stress and anxiety?
  • you played to your strengths?
  • you not only appreciated but, celebrated your uniqueness?
  • you were clear about your beliefs and values?
  • you could figure out ways to create healthy habits & break unhealthy ones?
  • you could notice, name, and navigate your emotions better?
  • you spent time being curious about why you are the way you are – without judgement?
  • you could see yourself the way others see you?
  • you had a better understanding of your path post high-school?

The Center for Human Potential is excited to explore these answers with you. We believe:

  • Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom 
  • Self-awareness is the most important life skill
  • The best leaders are the ones who are the most self-aware
  • You are the problem and the solution
  • Curiosity is the antidote to judgement
  • Self-awareness is the cornerstone of strong leadership capabilities, smart life choices and flourishing relationships

 If you are:

  • interested in alternative learning environments,
  • looking for a community to connect with or belong to,
  • wanting to be seen and heard,
  • seeking support, confidence and clarity in a non-judgmental environment,
  • wanting to improve your leadership skills,
  • looking for a positive experience for college applications that will make yours stand out,
  • in search of connection and understanding in a safe-space,
  • wanting to connect with someone who isn’t a parent, a teacher, a coach or a therapist,
  • hoping to get to know yourself better

then we’re excited to invite you to come explore these questions and more.

Due to coronavirus health concerns, return-to-school is bound to look different this year. What we don’t know yet, is exactly what it will look like.

Without some sports resuming, less part-time job opportunities available and a potential shift in school schedules, we are hoping to offer workshops and courses that can give teens a place to connect outside of school. We are already considering small groups of 8-12, adhearing to social distancing guidelines and being outside as much as possible.

Our fall workshops are currently being created but, by clicking here you will be the first to know about The Center for Human Potential’s latest news, our fall 2020 programs and any special offers.

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