EmpowHer Vermont

The Center for Human Potential is thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking initiative, EmpowHer Vermont, designed to equip young females in our community with essential social-emotional and leadership skills. The aim of the program is to counter the unprecedented mental health crisis, loneliness epidemic and unhealthy comparison culture impacting our teenagers today.

In our post-pandemic world, female youth are burdened by escalating rates of anxiety, depression, and stress added to the on-going pressures of perfectionism, people pleasing and feelings of inadequacy. With this pilot program, we are committed to providing a transformative and healing experience for teenage girls focused on personal growth, strength, resilience, leadership and simply, feeling more empowered.

Working to collectively bring out the best in each other, EmpowHer Vermont will consist of a

10-12 all-female cohort with 1-2 facilitators.

EmpowHer will gather at Sterling Ridge Resort in Jeffersonville, Vermont staying in the beautiful Mansfield House in double room accommodations with semi-private baths. Important parts of the program include cooking, eating and cleaning together, spending time in nature, connecting, bonding and socializing in a very informal setting, disconnecting from technology and of course programming. The dynamic program arc is currently being finalized.

With a small, but generous grant from the Academy for Systems Change and the Green Mountain Collaborative, we are able to offer a number of $250 - $500 scholarships to offset the $1,800 cost for those in need.

Key Components of EmpowHer Vermont include:

  • Restorative Practices: To create a supportive and inclusive environment where young women can openly express themselves, build positive relationships, and develop conflict resolution skills. Through circle discussions, guided activities, and mentorship, participants will learn the art of empathy and understanding.


  • Social-Emotional Learning: Self-awareness is the most important life skill and emotional intelligence is a cornerstone of effective leadership. EmpowHer will focus on self-awareness, self-care and self-compassion. Using experiential learning activities, participants will strengthen their emotional intelligence and develop a solid foundation for lifelong success. 


  • Leadership Development: With a focus on identifying and playing to our strengths, we aim to boost confidence, hone communication skills and seek inspiration. Through the use of self-analysis tools, prompt focused journaling, and guest speakers, young women will learn the foundations of effective leadership.
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