Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom


Hi, I'm Heidi ... a self-awareness explorer!

The Center for Human Potential aims to engage teenagers with a deep dive into who they are and who they aspire to be – it is our belief that this exploration of self will lead to living a more authentic life full of meaning, purpose and passion.

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At a time when teenagers are about to make some very big decisions regarding education, careers, relationships, and social lives - decisions that cost time, money, energy, and focus - it's imperative to understand personal belief systems, motivating values, underlying desires, coping mechanisms, habit-making and -breaking strategies, emotional triggers, and more.

When you partner with The Center for Human Potential, you'll:


  • clarity
  • confidence
  • awareness
  • insight
  • connection


  • empowered
  • curious
  • brave
  • resilient
  • responsible
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  • ready
  • open
  • willing
  • prepared
  • courageous

The Center for Human Potential believes the fundamental job of teenagers is to answer the question:

Who Am I?

We believe they are eager to do this work by having these conversations, making important peer connections, getting curious, asking tough questions, being seen and heard, being vulnerable, self-reflecting and dreaming big!

Not with parents -who sometimes discipline, teachers -who typically grade, therapists -who try to heal, or even coaches -who want to push. But, with each other, who probably understand!

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Questions for Teenagers

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Do you ever wonder why: certain people or situations make you feel energized or inspired while others make you feel drained or disconnected? you have a hard time making decisions? you struggle to understand what it is you actually feel when someone asks “how are you?” you stress about situations in life that seem ‘easy’…

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A Good Cry

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